The Owners

Jessica and Sean McMorris, co-owners

     The Allergy Friendly Vegetarian really began out of necessity. Jessica had developed multiple food intolerances from her late 20’s into her 30’s, and her son was born with intolerances as well. In her early 30’s, Jessica became vegetarian as her body tolerated meat less and less, and her son decided to follow suit.
     Soon after, Sean met Jessica and her son. He had to adapt to Jessica and her son’s style of eating. Sean also came into the relationship with allergies of his own to strawberries, pitted fruits, and other seeded fruits, and Sean ate meat when they met.
     This made for a challenging cooking experience in the beginning, to say the least. Sean also became vegetarian after a couple months as he enjoyed the benefits of not having meat in his system all the time.
     Sean and Jessica both missed their favorite foods, and it was out of this desire that all the recipes were created.
     Jessica’s mind thinks about food like most artists think about colors and textures on a canvas. What is needed to make the colors, flavors, aromas, and textures (mouth feel) the “same” as the original foods they loved (or at least close to it)?
     And, Sean has 25 years experience in the food industry, with an eye for color and presentation.
     The more recipes that were created, the more Sean insisted a cookbook needed to be written, food products manufactured for the public to enjoy, and to help other people who are vegetarian and vegan (which they eventually became) who have multiple food allergies to be able to REALLY enjoy food like they do!
     Thus, the cookbook, the company, and the muffin mix were born…
     It’s been a GRAND adventure for both Jessica and Sean so far, and they are both looking forward to all that this endeavor has to offer in the future.
Thank you for your interest in the company!

If you are interested in booking the owners for public speaking engagements, please email them at or call 770-468-7416.

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